People’s feelings and behaviors are motivated by a variety of unconscious factors. Unknowingly, these factors lead people to develop responses that don’t solve problems. Despite the fact that these responses don’t work, they become habitual responses. No amount of empathy or advice from friends and family can help people find relief from these repeated unsuccessful responses.

Psychoanalysis helps people finally break these habits by understanding the root causes, and changing their emotional responses at the very core. Through an intense series of meetings, often four or five times a week, the analyst helps people trace their personal history to find the triggering events or people, and to review how this history has affected their lives.

Analytical patients lay on a couch, and the therapist gently leads them to essentially re-experience the events that created their ineffective responses.  Using these experiences, and patient reports of his/her dreams, the analyst helps the patient work on a deeply unconscious level, eliminating unproductive and destructive patterns.  This opens the patient to new, fresh and genuine experiences  — and solutions — in their lives.


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